Thursday, August 20, 2009

No Heidi, I Don't Wanna Hear What Your Body Has To Say

Heidi Montag - Body Language (Single 2009)

Mrs.Heidi Montag's Body Language, wich is the "first official" single off her debut album; which has had like 8 names and I will only bother to remember it when the album is released as at least by that point it will be difficult for them to try and change it,... but really it's not only the 5th single off the album, but technically it is a re-release of the 2nd or 3rd single. This album is a mess and a half and it's still in production.

Of Heidi's recording session tracks (ALL of which have leaked), there is like 4 songs that are worth listening to, and this WAS one of them. I put emphasis on 'was' because "Body Language" like many songs before it have fallen to over production and unnecessary guest vocals by someone who has no business being a rapper.
Body Language's demo is a fun pop track, but when they were 'polishing' it in the studio, it lost something so it is a lot less fun, and seems like it tries WAYY to hard. but I have a feeling the over-compensation is just her trying to get her music career anywhere and will carry into all her music. Oh, and the next thing that kills this single is hubby Spencer Pratt's lovely rap contribution to it... like I said above UNNECESSARY GUEST VOCALS BY SOMEONE WHO HAS NO BUSINESS BEING A RAPPER!

so the single is a mess, just like the rest of the album will be. This single's demo (which I thought was the final version) would have done well, but this new version will not only flop, but will become great fodder for Video On Trial if a video is ever made, or released (what ever happened to the video for "Look How I'm Doing" anyways?).

1.5 / 5

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