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Doll Domination? I So think not! (2.0... or is it 3.0?)

okay so on to the actual album tracks. By my count, there are 32 songs in the Doll Domination recording sessions, not including single variants, like the video edit of "When I Grow Up" and "Bottle Pop", or the tour version of "I Hate This Part" unless there is a significant change like the case with "Hush, Hush" and "Hush, Hush; Hush, Hush" (great title, eh?). This does include 2 songs that were leaked, and one that was featured on the Confessions of a Shopaholic Soundtrack.

these are the tracks:

When I Grow Up - first single, standard PCD song, pretty solid dance track
Bottle Pop (featuring Snoop Dog) - 4th single, the video version cuts out Snoop's raps (for the better), On of my favourite tracks on the disc,
Whatcha Think About that? (featuring Missy Elliot) - 2nd single, general man hating woman anthem, really fun to sing. haha
I Hate This Part - 3rd single, very well recieved by the public, which perplexes me to NO END, Dave Audé Hybrid mix (Aka, tour edit) is MUCH better.
Takin' Over The World - kinda boring, should have been swapped on the original release for "Top of the World" as the songs are similar.
Out Of This Club (featuring R. Kelly) - BAD BAD BAD song, not the wors on the album be pretty fucking close.
Who's Gonna Love You? - another contender for worst album track, clearly falls into the "album filler" category
Happily Never After - Great song, but not very PCD, as it shouldn't be as Nicole wrote it for her solo album which got scrapped.
Magic - Timberland produced, one of the best songs on all the Doll Domination releases, and the highlight of their tour's set list.
Halo - very R&B song, I like it , but most people would find it very passable
In Person - The "Right Now" of this album, interesting vocals in comparison to the rest of the album, but awkward to listen to regularly.
Elevator - Another son that i like, but most would find passable, another song I really liked on their tour.
Hush, Hush - best written song on the album lyrically, was my favourite until the "improved" "Hush, Hush; Hush, Hush" came out, now I can't stand the song in any form.
Love The Way You Love Me - another song that should have been dropped from the release, as it isn't special and kinda drags the album down further into mediocrady.
Whatchamacallit - HOT dance track, a call out to y'all sheep who don't have your own styles. LOVE this song!
I'm Done - DING! we have a winner. the WORST track on Doll Domination, in fact I've listened to it a total of 8 times, in comparison to the rest of the tracks which are averaging a play count of about 30+)
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps - international bonus track, kinda boring, but it was a bonus international track so i can't be to hard on it.
Lights, Camera, Action (featuring new Kids on The Block) - another international bonus track, nothing too special, but listen-able. if only marginally
Baby Love (featuring - Stupid Stupid song from Nicole's solo sessions, slightly remixed. glad it was only one obscure international deluxe editions...
Hush, Hush; Hush, Hush - UGH! I liked this song as a ballad, and I liked it on the tour, but the fact of them going back to record this monstrosity, and then have the audacity to release it as a single is stupid, even for Robin Anton, the single is doing well, I just hate the fact that they ruined a perfectly good slow song (that I might add charted in Russia with no promotion). Samples "I Will Survive"
Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)(featuring A R Rahman nad Nicole Scherzinger) - 5th Single, was released right after Slumdog and the original version of this song won the a few Academy Awards, nice, light pop, but is very forgettable. I also resent this song as it was the cause of all the re-releases
Top Of The World - Recorded as the title theme for some MTV show (The City, I think it's called), solid track, almost single worthy
Painted Windows - the song sounds very much like is should be sung by Miley Cyrus, but this song is below standards for both her and PCD, very boring, but has an interesting beat, just not interesting enough to bother listening to it.
The Jungle - the first of two leaked tracks that are just BAD songs. like the would be the worst tracks, but I can't exactly rip the songs apart as they may be demos, and they were smart enough to not release them, so that is the only fact that saves them.
Pay 2 Play - the second leaked track, I hope to GOD that is was a joke, because this is just bad.
Bad Girl - another boring PCD song, I'm sure it fit nicely into the movie, but it's not really necessary to listen to more than that.

And the solo songs on the deluxe version:
If I Was A Man- Jessica Sutta - The BEST of the solo songs, even live. Why she isn't allowed to sing regularly is far beyond me.
Space - Melody Thornton - kinda boring, but only because Melody is better than this and is capable of much more
Don't Wanna Fall In Love - Kimberly Wyatt - very 80's, though I very much doubt that she is singing, as it wounds very altered, and she lip-syncs the song when done live.
Played - Ashley Roberts - cute song, she could have probably done better, but the song is playable
Until U Love Me- Nicole Scherzinger - woo Nicole...because we've never heard you sing before..woo...boring, boring, and more boring...which is fair, she sang all the other boring songs too

so out of these songs, all are decent to listen to, some are awful and are really good. if I were to make the album down, it would have been:

1 When I Grow Up - Video Edit
2 Bottle Pop - Video Edit
3 Whatcha Think About That? (featuring Missy Elliot)
4 I Hate This Part - Dave Audé Hybrid Mix
5 Top of The World
6 Magic
7 Halo
8 Elevator
9 Hush, Hush - Dave Audé Hybrid Mix (Basically the original vocals, but with the upbeat disco sound of H, H; H, H)
10 Whatchamacallit
11 Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny) (featuring A R Rahman & Nicole Scherzinger)
12 If I Was A Man - Jessica's Solo
13 *New Melody Solo Song, maybe the "Fever/Big Spender" Medley they do on tour*
14 Don't Wanna Fall In Love - Kimberly Wyatt
15 Played - Ashley Roberts
16 Happily Never After - Nicole Scherzinger (let's not lie, its a solo anyways)

but for the actual album, i would rate as follows:
Doll Domination (standard) - 5/10 - even amounts of good/average and boring/average
Doll Domination (deluxe) - 6/10 - Solo songs boost up the original
Doll Domination (2009 Re-issue) - 6.5/10 - More songs added, some good some bad
Doll Domination 2.0 - 6/10 - cut out some bad and some solid tracks so nothing changed really
Doll Domination: The Mini Collection - 7/10 - condensed EP that is very good for replay value
Doll Domination 3.0 - 6.5/10 - WAY TOO MANY tracks, it'd be a very LONG album to get through.

sorry for the long post(s) about this album, future posts won't be this long ( I hope), this is just a year long grudge and a review for basically 6 albums.

EDIT: 3.0 has only one more track than the 2009 Re-issue, but the rating still stands, as both albums have too many tracks anyways and the bonus tracks make it better than most of the other releases.

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