Thursday, August 20, 2009

former Disney + Def Jam = Superbad?

Super Bad - Adrienne Bailon (Single? - 2009)

So Ladies and Gentlemen! As you can see from the little math equation title, another Disney alumni is trying to launch an adult sin(g)ing career by "releasing" (freshly leaked) a song that is miles away from previous work, and thus makes them all grown up and worthy of respect... if only it worked that nicely

Super Bad is your run-of-the-mill radio song, is sounds very much like Eva Simmons' "Silly Boy" and also has heavy influence from "Let It Rock"- Kevin Rudolf + 'Lil Wayne's hit of last summer. So now not only is this song 2 seconds from playgarisim, it doesn't improve anything, lyrics aren't better, the hook is less catchy, and this song ls 10 levels of forgettable.

that being said, it is catchy as shit, but I already see this song having a short play life in my Library, and I will be done with it in 3 weeks, if it makes it that long. It'll all depend how embedded in my head it gets after writing in this review ( as anything I review is put on repeat until I'm done).

So like many Disney stars before her, Adrienne Bailon (former member of The Cheetah Girls), is giving us average music, ripping off the songs that have already charted and people have moved on from. Hopefully the rest of her album that is to drop late this year or spring '10 isn't as 'blah' as this song.


EDIT: Changed the rating from 1/5, the song is growing on me, but i stand by what I said.


  1. I just twatted this! LOVE THIS SONG >:o
    Bring it up to 2 stars.

  2. I'm considering it, it's too damn catchy!!! lol