Monday, September 14, 2009

I think I'd Rather Walk...If That's Okay With You...

Karl Wolf - Carerra (2009 - Single)

long time no post, but I was waiting for something i felt the need to write about, and loooky looky, it has come forth!

Karl Wolf is a Canadian, not that we are especially proud of him, who has been on the music scene for a couple of years. Wolf even won a Juno award..or was nominated for one...I think... but even Canadians knows how much of a joke award the Juno is... not exactly something you ever brag about having...similar to winning Canadian Idol (which got cancelled I might add)

Wolf's music is in the same kind of hip-pop genre as Shawn Desman, and Massari and Danny Fernandes. All of those examples previously mentioned are fellow Canuks, unfortunately Canada breeds this exists else where I'm sure, but I'm just going on what I know. While not especially awful, (like Massari), and not as awkward to listen to (Shawn Desman), it's not overly great or special in it's own right. His career is basically "I can sing half decently, but I have a hot body so you will all love me"... and this is why I hate tweenage girls at times...because they have the mental path of "guy = hot, music =good?, MUST GO BUY!"...and presto, he is relevant.

this loverly number, "Carerra", is about a if Karl Wolf's music wasn't boring enough, he chooses to sing songs about hip-hop stereo types, (which must make shooting the videos super easy). the lyrics are also singing about a woman at the same they don't make a whole bunch of sense, but then again as B44 knows (also Canadian...sensing a pattern yet?) that teenage (usually female) music listeners will sing things and not think about it until someone points this out to them.

I am kind of ragging on the guy, and not all of it is deserved. This song is 10 levels of awful, but his previous single, and other tracks on his album Bite The Bullet are not such travesties, especially his "cover" of Toto's "Africa" (I use the term cover loosely, as the songs really only share a hook, chorus and basic melody).

I would also like to add that there are good Canadian singers, but they do not run on the "Much Music" circut... at least not successfully.