Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Bravery - Slow Poison (2009 - Single)

So if you are completely in the dark, The Bravery have been around since '03-'04, or that's when they first broke into the mainstream with their single "An Honest Mistake" from their self-titled album. They got big around the same time The Killers did, and they both had very similar music styles so they were compared early on. The Killers got more mainstream success, but I've always found The Bravery to have more substance to their music, making it worth listening to. Besides...Brandon Flowers (Killers) is alternative music's answer to Kanye West...and nobody wants that...

Slow Poison is the lead single for the band's upcoming third album, and though I wouldn't exactly call the song "single-worthy", it is a solid track that stays loyal to their trademark style. It reflects more on the side of the songs from their second album The Sun And the Moon (and the re-issue The Sun And The Moon: Complete); being more down tempo than their songs from their first album The Bravery, but shows elements that were absent from The Sun And The Moon. While not going backwards, they seem to be headed to a new sound that is a blend of both of their past albums, a lil more alt-rock, but with that electro/punk undertone. Interesting music to say the least.

Slow Poison will take a while to grow on you, but it is definitely worth a listen, and it has gotten me excited for their album (Stir The Blood, due out November 10th). Personally I would hope they take back up the electronic element to their music (or some of the Disco pop element used in Shakira's "She Wolf", which they helped write/produce), but they have yet to seriously disappoint me, so I eagerly await to see what they've been working on.


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