Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This Title Is Just Way To Fitting...

Britney Spears - 3 (2009 - Single)

So here is the newest single from the original "Madonna 2.0" (which I think we can all agree, Lady GaGa is on her way to taking over), and is another catchy/dancey hook-fest.

3 is produced by the same people who brought us "Stronger", "...Baby One More Time", and "If U Seek Amy" and sounds like something that should have been on B's third studio album; Britney, but also sounds A LOT like Fergie's "Fergalicious". This is Britney's third single to come out around early fall, three years in a row, and is her third single of 2009.

I also expect this to be her third #1 lead single off an album in a row ( Following 2007's "Gimme More" and 08's "Womanizer"). The song is like a 3 min hook, but has a lot more listening value than "Radar".

3 is the lead single from The Singles Collection (out November), which is basically a re-issue of 2004's My Prerogative, dropping the lesser singles from her 6 studio albums and including the recent singles (excluding "Break the Ice" for some mind-boggling reason), but i will more than likely review that when it comes out. As for this single, it's nothing too great/original/memorable, but will do well for the time being and is worth a listen.